The Rust Jungle X5 Fully Modded

Make a Small donation to our servers and as a token of our appreciation you'll be promoted to VIP.

You will be granted the same vip level  on all our servers 

Along with the pack you choose you'll also be granted these life enhancements: 

/mymini  ~ your own personal mini copter!

/backpack ~ increased backpack size

/sil ~ upload your own images to picture frames

/skinbox ~ get all official skins on steam

/bgrade ~ automatically upgrade as you build

/home add ~ extra TP locations and reduced TP countdown

/colours ~ change your in-game name colour

/tag ~ show or hide your [tag] in-game

Captain 5.00 EUR Buy
Major 7.50 EUR Buy
Colonel 10.00 EUR Buy
Brigadier 12.50 EUR Buy
General 15.00 EUR Buy
Terrorist 15.00 EUR Buy
10K RP booster pack 3.50 EUR Buy